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Ranching and Pies?


I am married to a rancher and we have two beautiful girls. We live and operate Saddleback Ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado along with my husband's family.

Cooking Until the Cows Come Home? This name was born one evening around our kitchen table. My husband and girls came up with it and I thought it was perfect.  I love to cook and bake, so it is very fitting that I would continue to do this until the cows come home, it pretty much means I will be cooking and baking for a very, very long time. (I like to tell my husband I will love him until the cows come home!)

I am a baker at heart and I love to bake up anything sweet! I really enjoy baking homemade pies. I think pie should be eaten with the eyes first and then let your taste buds enjoy. 

A delicious and beautiful pie can bring a smile to everyone's eyes. For some of us, pie can take us straight back to grandma's table and gives us the opportunity to reminisce of "the good ole days" and a simpler time in our lives. 

That's why I believe a pie from Cooking Until the Cows Come Home is giftable. The pie itself is beautiful and then it comes packaged as a gift. What better way to say "thank you" to a good friend or "I hope you feel better soon" than with a beautiful and delicious pie delivered to their front door? And because everyone needs pie in their life... gift one for yourself!

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