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Some sweets for your sweetie!

Valentine's Day is upon us... It can be a hard holiday to navigate, but I've got you covered! If you're friends, been dating for a few weeks, or married to the love of your life for 50 years (or anything in between) I have the perfect treats that say "Happy Valentine's Day" to that special someone in your life!

Chocolate and pie... a perfect match I say. A buttery, pastry crust filled with a chocolate custard filling and topped off with freshly whipped cream and shaved chocolate - the perfect Valentine's Day dessert to share!

Want to send something fun to your Valentine? Might I suggest the Frosted Heart Sugar Cookie Box. You get 1 dozen heart sugar cookies that are decorated oh so lovely and have little messages written on them like "Be Mine", "Love", and "Text Me", just like the Sweethearts we got with our Valentine's cards as a kid. Want to let someone you know you like them, but not wanting to go as far as red roses? The sugar cookies are thoughtful, kind, caring, fun, and not too serious unless you want them to be... How about "Will You Marry Me?" written on your cookies? I LOVE IT!!

Now my husband is all about chocolate and peanut butter, therefore he will be getting the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. It starts with an Oreo cookie crust, a rich and creamy peanut butter filling, and then topped off with freshly whipped cream and chocolate cookie crumbles. He loves this pie!

Does your sweetie love cake? Then the Red Velvet Cupcakes are perfect! Red Velvet Cake is a light chocolate cake that is dyed a beautiful, dark red color and then topped with a decadent buttercream frosting and Valentine's sprinkles. So delicious, so pretty, and so fun!

So think outside that box of chocolates this Valentine's Day and have Cooking Until the Cows Come Home deliver something sweet and unique to your Valentine!